Have you ever heard of a property owner who has never faced blocked drains problems on their property?  Whether the drain is clogged entirely or not is immaterial. The problem itself is time-consuming and frustrating to handle and often very expensive. We offer excellent blocked drains services but always like to keep customers informed about some small things they can do to keep their drains clear.

What most people forget is that minor blockage problems are easy to fix as long as they are caught early. Look at these handy tips from Australia Wide Plumbing And Electrical to manage the problem:

1. A Plunger is a Useful Tool

A plunger is a standard tool every household needs to keep readily available to unblock clogged drains. It is a simple tool to handle. Once you fix the plunger’s rim on the mouth of the drain, the pressure works to suck the water and the debris that blocks the drain. In this way, a minor clog can be dislodged. Standard dome-shaped plungers with flat bottom rims are useful to clear bathroom or kitchen sink blockages but not to remove a toilet clog. You need a taller, dome-shaped plunger with a collar to clear a toilet blockage. It is useful to keep both types of plungers at home.

2. Use Boiling Water

Flushing the drain with boiling water can clear a clog, as it loosens the dirt and the debris in the pipe. But before you do it, allow all the accumulated water to get drained from the sink or the shower area as the case may be. You also need to check the pipe material. Metal pipes can withstand the boiling water temperature. However, PVC pipes may warp, and the adhesive of the joints too may melt.  In case of severe blockage, pour boiling water into the drain in phases to avoid an overflow problem.

3. Baking Soda and Vinegar Mix

After using the above two common methods to unclog a drain, if the problem persists, try a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. The mixture begins to foam due to a chemical reaction, which helps to loosen the grime buildup on the inner surfaces of the clogged pipes. The process is simple to carry out. Just pour some baking soda into the drain and then some vinegar over it. This is a safe and simple way to clear a drain, compared to the use of a chemical drain cleaner that can damage the pipes.

4. Call in a Blocked Drains Expert

Remember that the solutions to tackle blocked drains problems suggested above can work to clear minor blockages. If the blocks are stubborn and severe, a professional plumber will help to remove the blockages quickly and effectively without causing damage to your plumbing system. Keep the number of an emergency plumber handy to tackle sudden plumbing issues. Australia Wide Plumbing & Electrical provides high-quality blocked drains services to clients. For any more information about our services, feel free to call us at 1300 099 332 or use this online form to send us your requests and queries.