strata property consists of several building lots have the ownership of individuals or parties, along with the sharedcommon property that those owners take the responsibility for — collectively. Normally, a common strata property includes the building itself, corridors, roofing, garden and parking areas, and frequently the pipes and electrical wiring within the walls. Owners pay strata fees that go towards the maintain and repair of that common property. Opting for a strata property has become popular because it is a low-fuss (and often low-cost) way of owning property. If something wrong happens to the property, you will be not on your own – you and the other owners pay ongoing fees to cover that repair.

Strata plumbing exposes a distinctive set of challenges that are not found in traditional commercial or residential plumbing specialties. You need the right professional to successfully overcome those challenges and ensure that your property is well maintained. Since strata plumbing is different than other types of plumbing, it is important to look for a plumber with many years of experience. Choosing a residential or commercial plumber who has never handled a strata management setting can lead to disaster. Therefore, you should leave your strata plumbing to the professionals.

There is no “good” time to be confronted with a plumbing problem; especially for Strata Managers who are managing multiple properties. An unexpected plumbing disaster will set an already busy Strata Manager back in time and will cost the Strata plan money.

These situations, however, can be avoided. For Strata properties, regular plumbing maintenance is the key to prevention. Strata companies typically work with a reputable plumbing business and have a preventative maintenance plan in place to ensure the plumbing for both commercial and residential properties are in good working order, all-year-round.

Strata services are supposed to be efficient, streamlined and, most of all, hassle-free. Strata plumbing services that are carried out by well-known and highly qualified strata plumbers come with several benefits. The first of three ultimate benefits is that if you hire people who have the expertise, you can trust that the maintenance of your property is in the hands of qualified plumbers who are experienced in strata maintenance and repair. You can rest easy knowing that they can handle any situation presented to them, in any type of property. The second is that if any problems arise—the problems are the strata plumbing’s responsibility, and you, as the property owner don’t have to sweat the details. Qualified plumbers have ongoing communication with strata management about scheduled repairs, emergency repairs, and maintenance requirements.

 With a strata management service, you won’t have to worry about being caught out with a plumbing disaster, as they provide around-the-clock, same day plumbing emergency services.