The Internet has become an essential aspect of modern life and everyone wants consistent and reliable access to it. That requires telephone dataline and cabling in Sydney. These cables connect to the telephone company’s network and allow customers constant access to the web. At Australia Wide Plumbing And Electrical, we have a team of experts that can handle all aspects of dataline and cabling installation and maintenance.

What’s involved in the installation process of telephone dataline and cabling in Sydney?

Installing dataline and cabling requires a lot of planning and organisation. Poor and unplanned installation can become messy and compromise the decor of your property. Unplanned installation can also make cable management very difficult in large commercial properties. We have carried out the installation of telephone dataline and cabling in Sydney several times and are familiar with the process. Here’s what we consider:

  • Network placement – The cabling should be as unobtrusive and shouldn’t disrupt the design of the room. Our technicians study the architecture of the room carefully and make note of areas that aren’t too visible. They can install the cabling in these areas to ensure they don’t compromise the beauty of the room.
  • Access points – Devices and Wi-Fi routers need to connect with the cabling in order to provide internet access. It’s important to keep all access points at convenient locations to ensure there aren’t too many exposed wires.
  • Cable hubs – There are often used in commercial properties with a large amount of cabling and wires. The hubs keep all the wires sorted, which makes repair and maintenance easier. Organised cables are also less likely to be damaged over time.

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