The Importance of Switch Testing & Upgrades

Electrical safety is about making sure that all electrical appliances in your office, house or industrial establishment are in the best condition. They must function at the optimum levels at all times.


Electrical equipment and switches see a lot of wear and tear over time, and some of them do not function the way they should. Most often, electrical fixtures show warning signs and don’t just stop working all of a sudden. Here are some of the warning signs to look out for:


  • Lights that do not switch on
  • Flickering lights
  • Lighting fixtures that stay on even though the switch is turned off
  • A loose switch
  • You experience shock when you touch an electrical appliance/device
  • Hear a buzzing sound coming from a switch


Do not delay in calling in an expert if you notice any of these signs. Get the switches tested.


Do You Need Switch Testing and Upgrades?


  • The performance and durability determine the condition of the switches and switchboard. Switches regulate the power which makes it necessary for them to function smoothly. Testing the switchboard ensures that it is in a proper condition
  • Faulty switches are a fire risk. Testing them regularly helps identify which of them may be faulty and you can then get them replaced without delay.
  • Conducting switch testing is a great way to protect your switchboard. This helps to avoid potential electrical faults.
  • It is important to opt for Switch testing and upgrades if the wiring or switch installations are over 15 years old. This helps increase the safety aspect of these fixtures. In addition, new switches can easily cope with the power load requirements of modern appliances

Checks You Can Conduct


Ideally,switch testing and upgrades should be carried out every 6 months. Commercial or industrial establishments should carry it out every 3 months as they consume higher amounts of energy. Safety switches that are installed on properties check the flow of electricity. In case the switchboard detects any fault in the switchboard it will shut off the power. This reduces the chances of damage or shock.


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How To Choose The Right Plumber

When you need any kind of plumbing work done in your home or commercial property, it is important that you hire the right plumber for the job. When you start looking online, you will find that there are a large number of companies that provide plumbing services. This can make it quite overwhelming to choose the right one.

Aspects To Consider

We at Australia Wide Plumbing and Electrical suggestthat you take certain aspects into consideration while looking for a plumber such as:


  • Experience- When looking for a plumber, always make sure that you hire one that has vast experience in the field. They would have handled different types of plumbing jobs and would be able to provide you the kind of solutions you need. You should be able to find out when the company came into existence, by looking at the information listed on their website.


  • Reputation– While it is important to hire an experienced plumber, it’s also important that you check whether the company has a good reputation in the market. You can determine this by reading online reviews or even calling the company and asking them for referrals. Calling some of the previous clients would give you a better idea about the kind of services the plumbing company provides.


  • Licenses And Insurance– Only a credible company would have the required licenses and insurance in order to operate in this space. All plumbing jobs need to be carried out by a licensed number. You should be able to find the licensing and insurance information listed on the website. If this information does not feature there, make it a point to call the company and ask them for it.


  • Cost– This is another aspect that you need to keep in view while choosing the right plumber. When you want to get any job done, get quotes from multiple providers. Compare the companies on the basis of cost as well as their experience and reputation and other aspects. This will give you a better idea about whether they would be able to handle your job professionally.

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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Plumbing Smells Or Sounds

While good quality plumbing systems and fixtures are built to last for a number of years, there are times when different types of problems can crop up. This could happen because of a number of different reasons. In some instances it is due to poor maintenance, while at others it would be due to excessive wear and tear. Sometimes the age of the system would be the cause of the problems.

Many property owners find that there are some plumbing smells and sounds that they can’t make much of, which is why they end up ignoring them. However, we at Australia Wide Plumbing & Electrical know that, these kind of smells and sounds are likely an indication of some issues in the plumbing system. Here is some information that can help you understand why it is important:

Smells From Plumbing Systems

Some of the different types of foul smells to look out for include:

  • Sewer gases are extremely harmful to the health. Most installations have traps which prevent any leakage of gas into the home. However, if the sewer has got drained out completely or if the water has evaporated, the foul gases enter your home. In some cases, running water down these dry drains can solve the problem or else you’d have to call in a plumber.
  • If you have noticed a mouldy smell in your kitchen or bathroom spaces, it could be because there is moisture in these areas. Determine whether there is any kind of leakage of seepage and call us in to get the problem fixed immediately.
  • Gas or propane leakages in different areas of the house can be very hazardous. This is something you should never take a chance with. Call us and we will inspect older systems in your home.

Sounds From Plumbing Installations

Some of the different sounds to look out for include:

  • While it may seem like minor drips from showers, faucets, toilets etc. can be very problematic, they can turn into major problems if not attended to on time. Aside from this, dripping water also results in water wastage which can increase your utility bills.
  • Water hammer takes place when there is excessively high water pressure in your pipes. In some cases, this would also indicate that you need to replace the pressure regulator. Depending on what is causing the problem, installing an air hammer arrestor might solve the problem as well.


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