Strata owners or property managers need to make sure that every single installation and feature on the property is functioning correctly. This includes all the plumbing features and fixtures as well.

However, plumbing installations see daily use which also means they can get more stressed and strained than various other features that exist there. It’s why the managers need to make sure that they have a skilled and licensed plumber on call to deal with all plumbing issues as and when they crop up.

We at Australia Wide Plumbing And Electrical are a leading company in this industry and provide high-quality services to all our strata clients. We recognise the importance of providing prompt solutions to our clients. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure that we are available to handle all plumbing requirements on time.

Range Of Strata Plumbing Solutions

Strata plumbers need to have skills and certification to make sure that they can tackle all the different strata plumbing requirements of their clients. They also need to ensure that they complete the work promptly and with the least disturbance to the tenants who live there. The reputation of the property hinges on how well it is maintained.

  • Strata Plumbers do much more than regular residential plumbers do. They can handle large scale jobs with the same level of efficiency and is as smaller ones. It is also very crucial for them to make sure that their clients get cost-effective solutions. This is crucial because specific plumbing problems could be recurring due to the heavy usage of these fixtures.
  • They also provide preventive plumbing maintenance contracts. These plans are specifically designed to meet the needs of their clients. When you opt for a plumbing maintenance plan, you can rest assured that the strata Sydney plumber will carry out every single job as per a fixed schedule. Regular inspections and maintenance go a long way in reducing the chances of wear and tear and sudden problems from cropping up.

  • The plumbers will come in at regular intervals and ensure that they check the drainage systems as well as all the water pipes, plumbing fixtures and fittings in every area of the property. Strata plumbing requires excellent project management and time scheduling ability.

  • These plumbers also use the latest tools and technology in their work such as CCTV drain cameras, water pressure jets, root cutting equipment as well as water and gas leak detection tools.

Types of Plumbing Services

Strata property owners always like to make sure that the plumber they hire would be able to handle various aspects of plumbing installation repair and maintenance. They prefer to deal with one company that would be able to provide comprehensive solutions such as:

  • Drainpipe repairs
  • Water leakage issues
  • Leak detection
  • Installation of new plumbing fixtures
  • Gas installation
  • Pipe relining
  • Backflow testing and prevention
  • Tops
  • Repairs of gas lines
  • Shower installations
  • Toilet repairs
  • Regular maintenance
  • Sewer line and stormwater line repairs and maintenance
  • 24/7 emergency plumbing services

We at Australia Wide Plumbing & Electrical offer high-quality standard and emergency strata plumbing services. For any more information about our services, feel free to call us at 1300 099 332 or use this online form to send us your requests and queries.