All plumbing installations in a closed area such as homes must be suitable for long-term use. Any problem that may arise in an otherwise unexpected situation causes the people living in that place to be in a very difficult situation. This is where plumbers get into play. Since they are professionals, they know exactly how to set it up everything correctly and safely. Therefore, you should be on the look for good plumbers when you need one.

The network of pipes, which ensures that clean water is conveyed to the places of use in a healthy manner and that polluted and dirty water is collected and taken out of the building, is called the plumbing system. People who build and maintain these systems are called plumbers. Plumbing is directly related to the protection of human health. Urbanization and modern life have increased the importance of plumbing.

A good plumber will have all the required tools on the job site. What tools are we talking about exactly?  We can start with locking pliers; they are often preferred over adjustable spanners even though they serve the same purpose. It might come down to personal choice but locking pliers are just easier to work with. While talking about pliers it would be a sin not to mention needle nosed pliers. They are life savers when you drop a small screw or bolt into a tight space where your hand or regular pliers will not fit.

A plumber should be using a special type of tape often regarded as teflon tape or PTFE tape to ensure the quality of their work. Regular tapes are not strong enough to seal the pipes and you should avoid any plumbers that use regular tapes for plumbing purposes.

A basin wrench should find its place in any plumbers’ toolkit. It is not something a regular person would have at home except if they at some point tried to fix a faucet by removing it. This tool works wonders because people who designed the sinks apparently did not care about the maintenance and did not leave out enough space for normal tools to be utilized. A standard wrench would suffice had the sink had enough workspace underneath.

A caulk gun is a tool that is used quite often by plumbers. It can be a gap or a crack somewhere in your bathroom and the caulk gun will fill it with sealing material. It is easy to use and can be used by homeowners too.  You can control the amount of caulk coming out and once you are done with it you can smooth out the surface with your hand.

Another must-have tool is the pipe wrench also known as stillsons. It is also an adjustable wrench often used for iron pipes. They come in various sizes and strengths. Pipe cutters are exceptionally useful too. Your measurements will not always be on point and you will have to cut some pipes. Depending on the type of cutter it will cut through copper, steel, PVC and other materials that might be used in pipes.

A holesaw is as important as any other tool for a plumber. Its name gives away the purpose; it is used for making holes in different materials. Metal file is used to smooth the pipes which are cut or put a hole

Having some of these tools at your home and investing some time learning how to use them would benefit you in the long term. Just make sure you know what you are doing as you do not want to make things worse than they were.

Plumber Tools