Pipes are used in every building construction in Australia; households, offices, industries. This has led to the plumbing industry becoming an essential part to the Australian economy as they offer services such as repair, installation and maintenance of pipes.

A study done in 1995 estimated that nearly 45% of Australians resided in homes that did not have a connection to sewerage systems. It was not until Gough Whitlam, former Australian prime minister solved this issue by introducing indoor plumbing in outer suburbs of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne leaving them with an impeccable drainage system which has been maintained over the years by the plumbing industry.

The industry acts as a source of employment opportunities as it is highly fragmented with 25,370 plumbing businesses and 48,260 plumbers who are employed across a variety of roles. There are quite a number of small contractors who offer employment of between 1 to 20 employees.

The industry is regulated with stringent product and installations compliance requirements. This has led to some plumbers directing their services to narrow geographic areas and offering specialized services to their clients. However, it is anticipated that in the future, there shall be an increased number of facility management organizations due to the current greater than before number of long-term contractors.

A plumbing system consists of all water supply and waste water lines. During construction, plumbers usually set up water supply lines from the immediate street into the building through the foundation and slab. These pipeline fixtures supply water to the house sinks, showers and bathtubs.

The most preferred form of piping water supply lines in Sydney is copper. Plastic piping materials are used mainly in drain vent pipes. A drain waste vent pipe is a plumbing system designed as a waste outlet and pushes sewage through the roof.

Plumbing services offered by the industry include:

Drainage construction, cleaning and repairing: They drain waste vent pipes by pushing out harmful sewer fumes through the roof.

Gas plumbing installation and repair: This is because gas lines used in homes are similar to those conventionally used in plumbing. Gas lines are installed in homes to distribute gas.

Repair and installation of hot water systems: They install an automatic anti-scald feature, which ensures that showers keep water from getting too hot.

Septic tank installation and repair: Trap plumbing fixtures to keep dangerous sewer from leaking into homes. This also inhibits unwanted items such as metal that fall into the drainage system from getting trapped into the water system.

Solar and hot water system installation and repair: They install solar and electric appliances and repair them in case of damage.

They ensure that a strict code of plumbing regulation is adhered to: A qualified plumbing inspector checks installation of pipes to ensure that buildings are safe for occupation.

If you are having your home built, it is important to discuss with your builder on issues concerning a plumbing system design such as a re-circulation pump. This is because plumbing is a key aspect to maintaining a healthy home.

Plumbing systems are not immune to wear and tear and with passage of time they become less effective. Yes, old is gold but old pipes are catastrophic. Leaking and damaged waste pipes are sure to pin-point you as a source of pollution. Well, no one want to be caught on the wrong side of the law. The only way to prevent this menace is to ensure that the plumbing systems are well maintained and regularly repaired.

Splurge your cash on a professional plumber as this is the only way to get rid of pipes that have become a nuisance. Quality is expensive but it is worth all the time in the world. Consult plumbing services from recognized legal companies such as Plumber Sydney to enjoy value services such as:

Experience: Professional plumbers undergo training which covers both traditional and modern plumbing system and therefor this is a guarantee of safety.

Quality services: Not every plumber is adept at handling basic and complex plumbing system issues. However, a professional plumbing service company assures quality service by use of superior and standard equipment .Only a quack can keep knocking at your doorstep to do repairs.

Insurance: Insurance comes handy with professionalism. This offers you a peace of mind and protects you from personal liability such as injury or damage during course of duty.

Cost: Plumbing maintenance is an expensive venture. Substandard companies are often bent on making a client a gold mine rather than offer services. Well-established companies usually offer invoices and well-established quotes systems that offer an estimated budget that allows a client to budget.

Leaking pipes and sewers are now a thing of the past. Plumbing industry has ensured that all plumbing systems and sewers are well maintained by providing quality plumbing services and equipment.

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