Leaking taps might seem like a minor problem, but they can cause some trouble down the line. Clients with leaking taps see a substantial increase in the water bill amount at the end of the month. While most leaking tap repairs aren’t urgent, we at Australia Wide Plumbing And Electrical encourage customers to address the problem as quickly as they can. Our team can fix leaking tap for you and ensure the taps function well.

Common leaking tap problems

Taps can leak in a number of ways, to fix leaking tap may need simple repairs or a full replacement depending on the condition of the tap. Here are some of the common leaking tap problems:

  • Dripping taps – If your tap drips constantly, there might be a problem with the washer or the spindle of the tap. Both of these components can be easily replaced and this leaking tap repair doesn’t cost much time or money.
  • Water hammers – If you experience loud noises from the plumbing system, it’s due to variations in pressure. If the taps don’t close well or are malfunctioning, there’s a sudden increase in pressure in the plumbing system and that leads to the hammering noise; replacing the tap can help. Water hammers can also be solved by installing air chambers which prevent water from generating the waves that travel right through the pipe.
  • Leaks around the tap – Water leakage around the tap is caused by a broken washer. The can lead to water spilling around the tap and causing damage. This can be easily replaced and generally doesn’t require a full tap replacement.

Our leaking tap repair technicians will examine the tap carefully and determine whether it needs repairs or replacements before offering their recommendations and a quote.

If you want to know more about our affordable leaking tap repairs in Sydney here at Australia Wide Plumbing And Electrical, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1300 099 332 or contact us through the form below.

Leaking Taps