Electrical safety is about making sure that all electrical appliances in your office, house or industrial establishment are in the best condition. They must function at the optimum levels at all times.

Electrical equipment and switches see a lot of wear and tear over time, and some of them do not function the way they should. Most often, electrical fixtures show warning signs and don’t just stop working all of a sudden. Here are some of the warning signs to look out for:

  • Lights that do not switch on
  • Flickering lights
  • Lighting fixtures that stay on even though the switch is turned off
  • A loose switch
  • You experience shock when you touch an electrical appliance/device
  • Hear a buzzing sound coming from a switch

Do not delay in calling in an expert if you notice any of these signs. Get the switches tested.

Do You Need Switch Testing and Upgrades?

  • The performance and durability determine the condition of the switches and switchboard. Switches regulate the power which makes it necessary for them to function smoothly. Testing the switchboard ensures that it is in a proper condition
  • Faulty switches are a fire risk. Testing them regularly helps identify which of them may be faulty and you can then get them replaced without delay.
  • Conducting switch testing is a great way to protect your switchboard. This helps to avoid potential electrical faults.
  • It is important to opt for Switch testing and upgrades if the wiring or switch installations are over 15 years old. This helps increase the safety aspect of these fixtures. In addition, new switches can easily cope with the power load requirements of modern appliances

Checks You Can Conduct

Ideally,switch testing and upgrades should be carried out every 6 months. Commercial or industrial establishments should carry it out every 3 months as they consume higher amounts of energy. Safety switches that are installed on properties check the flow of electricity. In case the switchboard detects any fault in the switchboard it will shut off the power. This reduces the chances of damage or shock.

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