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Hot water systems are expensive appliances and this is why it makes sense to ensure that you get the best quality product and that you maintain it well. Many property owners want to know how often they should change their hot water system. This is a very subjective aspect, because a number of different factors can impact the condition and longevity of your hot water system. The lifespan of the systemwould be entirely dependent on factors such as:
• Quality of the system
• Type of product
• How it has been used
• Whether it has been maintained with regularity
• Quality of water in your local area

It’s a very logical aspect that hot water systems that are more expensive and manufactured by reputable brands will be of a better quality. These systems can easily last for about 10 years. As mentioned, this duration would be dependent on the above factors.

One of the most common reasons why hot water systems start malfunctioning or stop working completely is due to corrosion in the tank. If the quality of water in your area isn’t up to the mark and there is hard water, it can impact the longevity of the hot water system. It means that you would have to replace it sooner than later.

Signs That Your Hot Water System Needs Replacement

Most systems will show some signs before they stop working entirely. Being aware of what the signs are is one of the best ways to determine when it is time to replace your hot water system:

• The water coming out of the tap is murky, cloudy or brown due to rusty pipes.
• The temperature of the water is too low
• The water doesn’t get heated up at all
• No water comes out of the heater
• The heater makes rattling/banging sounds-debris and sedimentation in the tank

While all of these signs indicate that there is some problem in the system, it may not always be indicative that a replacement is required. It is important to call in professionals like us for an inspection. We will carry out a detailed assessment before determining whether you’ll need regular maintenance or a complete replacement of the system.

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