Older residential properties often tend to have older fixtures and installations as well. Also, the number of power points they have are generally far lower than the current needs of the occupants. One of the latest trends that residential property owners are now following is transforming their outdoor areas to create spaces for relaxation and entertainment. However, areas like patios, decks, poolscapes, lawns, and outdoor kitchens require sufficient lighting and extra power points.

There is a vast difference between basic indoor electrical installations and outdoor power point installation. We at Australia Wide Plumbing And Electrical have the experience, certification, skill, and knowledge to carry out outdoor power point installation for commercial as well as residential clients.

Determine when you need outdoor power point installation 

There are several reasons why you may require outdoor power point installation, they include:

  • At times the existing outdoor power point placement doesn’t suit your requirements.
  • You may have a newly installed outdoor kitchen that requires power points to help run all the appliances you have installed in the place.
  • You have decided to upgrade an outdoor space like your deck, poolscape, backyard, and patio, additional powerpoints would be needed.
  • You relocate to an older property, or the new house you move into doesn’t have enough outdoor power points. Adding more powerpoints are necessary for outdoor spaces like entryways, outside the garage, in the gardens, patios, and yards.
  • Other features like your fireplace, retaining walls, boundary, and fire pits require power points for additional lighting as well.
  • After carrying out an inspection, if you find that any powerpoints are worn out, making a buzzing sound, or are loose, you must have them replaced immediately.

You may consider using an extension cord or a power cord as a temporary solution in such situations. However, besides creating a messy look, they are incredibly dangerous. It’s best to assess your requirements and get new power points installed.

Aspects To Consider While Installing Power Points

Several essential aspects have to be taken into consideration while carrying out outdoor electrical work, such as:

  • Ensure that all electrical work is waterproof. It can be very risky if water comes in contact with these electrical features, as it can result in shorts.
  • Ensure that the electrical wire is of the proper gauge. The wire heats up when electricity passes through. Wiring of a lower gauge will not be able to take the load and will heat up too much, which can result in a fire.
  • Additional protection is required for the wires that are underground. They can easily sustain damage by gardening tools while digging. Contact with the wire can cause electrocution as well. This is why all the underground wiring would need proper protection.

Why Hire Licensed Local Electricians?

A licensed electrician has the knowledge and skill to position and install these power points accurately. Besides changing light bulbs, property owners should not attempt to carry out any electrical works on their own.  Only licensed and experienced electricians can asses, inspect, advise, and implement the solutions you need.

Australia Wide Plumbing & Electrical offers high-quality electrical installation, replacement, repair and maintenance solutions, and other standard and emergency electrical services to residential, commercial and strata clients. For any more information about our services, feel free to call us at 1300 099 332 or use this online form to send us your requests and queries.

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