When all the electrical appliances in your house, office or commercial establishments perform optimally, you feel assured of electrical safety. They must be in their best condition to function correctly.

Electrical equipment and especially switches when used consistently undergo considerable wear and tear. Some begin to function sub-optimally. There may be some warning signals, but they may not necessarily stop working entirely. We at Australia Wide Plumbing And Electrical have listed here some of the warning signs you should look out for:

  • Flickering lights
  • Lighting fixtures that remain electrically connected  even after turning off the switch
  • Lights that do not turn on when switched on
  • A loose switch
  • Dimmer switches not adjusting brightness properly
  • Electrical shock when you turn a device on and off
  • Electrical shock when you touch an electrical appliance/device that is on
  • A buzzing sound from a switch when it is flipped on
  • Circuit breaker tripping frequently
  • Electrical surges

Call an experienced electrician if you notice or experience any of the above. They will test all the switches and devices systematically.

Do You Need Switch Testing and Upgrades?

  • Performance and durability are the factors that determine the condition of switchboards and switches. The function of a switch is to regulate power. Only when they function properly will the electricity flow correctly. Testing of switchboards is necessary to make sure that they are in good condition at all times.
  • Faulty switches can short-circuit and pose a fire risk. Regular testing of switches helps to detect the faulty ones, and they can be replaced in time.
  • Switch testing is the right way to maintain your switchboard. It also helps to prevent potential electrical faults.
  • It is necessary that you get switch testing and upgrades done, especially in the case of old wiring and switch installations that are older than 15 years. It helps enhance the safety aspect, a major consideration for electrical fixtures.
  • Another factor is the power load requirement of modern appliances. Replace old switches with the new ones that can cope with this load.

Checks You Can Conduct

If you want to keep your electrical system working well, biannual switch testing and upgrades are the best solutions. However, because of the high amount of energy consumption in industrial and commercial establishments, the best safety measure is to carry out switch testing and upgrades every three months. Safety switch installations checks the electricity flow. If there is any fault in the switchboard, it disconnects the power to reduce the chances of damage or shock.

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