Dangers Of Gas Room Heaters – Are Gas Heaters Safe?

During wintertime, most Australians turn on their gas room heaters to keep their homes and themselves warm. Most forget the risks associated with the use of gas heaters. There are an estimated one million gas heaters in use in Australia, which means they are a popular fixture in many homes. But exactly how safe are these heaters? Let’s take a look at some facts.

About CO poisoning

Gas heaters can release a toxic cocktail of gasessuch as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide that is deadly for health. “Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal,” say experts. It is odourless, tasteless and has no smell.  You do not notice its existence in the room except when it affects your health.

When symptoms similar to flu affect more than one person, you must catch the signs. Your immediate response should be to ventilate your house and go outside. If you feel better in the open air, it means there was an excessive amount of CO inside your house.

Avoid Fire Risk

NSW Fire and Rescue recommends keeping a meter of space from the heater. Make sure that this space is free of obstructions. Gas heaters require regular servicing and maintenance besides keeping the flues and chimneys clean.

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  • Indoor gas heaters are safe provided you use them as per instructions in the owner’s manual and maintain them regularly and in good condition. The same holds for LPG gas heaters. 
  • Quality gas heaters are manufactured by well-known brands like Paloma, Everdure, Calor (UK) and Rinnai. However, you need certified gas fitters to install and service them every two years.
  • Never mix up indoor and outdoor gas heaters.  Ensure that you use them for the specific purpose for which they are designed.
  • While using gas heaters, make sure there is adequate ventilation. This is even more crucial in case of a portable unflued gas heaters.
  • Check the type of gas heater you use. For example, while a portable gas bayonet heater can be used indoors, a portable gas heater designed for outdoor use should never be used indoors.
  • Just as indoor portable gas heaters are extremely safe, outdoor portable gas heaters are also very safe when used in the open areas.

High-Grade Gas Fitting Services

Our trained professionals maintain your gas heater systems, repair them, and keep them free of any problems. We provide guarantees for both our gas fitting services and maintenance. Your gas fittings can last for a long time if installed expertly, maintained rightly, and checked regularly.

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