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blocked drains

Get Rid of Blocked Drains Today

Flushing a blocked drain with baking soda is one of the many home remedies for potable water and sewage problems. A drain is the primary transport or channel for toxic waste or water to be diverted, either to an egress channel, into a sewer or funnelled to a waste receptacle. When this waste reaches a drain, the solid and liquid sludge tends to become stuck in the drain trap resulting in a slow draining problem. This can cause unpleasant odours in the household as well as serious damage to the pipes.

Causes and Solutions

A blocked drain can easily be plugged with food, grease, hair, and hair products. Once the trapped solids become stuck in the pipes, they can harden, crack, and break up, causing water flow delays and problems with toilet and sink traps. In many cases, these broken pipes can cause sewage backups in the house which can spread dangerous bacteria and viruses. A slow water flow can cause collapsed pipes, leaking faucets, and leaking pipes.

A blocked drain that is caused by hair usually solves itself over time. Shampoo, hair gel, and other products can build-up in the trap and cause a clog when standing water tries to free them. To solve the problem, gently scrape the blocked drain or pipe with a nail or other pointed object until the block is removed. Be sure not to scrape too hard as you could break the surrounding pipe insulation or repair shingles on the roof. You might also want to try using a hairdryer on the blocked drain to get some of the water out and see if that does the trick. If not, consider renting a plumber to try one of the following solutions.

A blocked drain can be caused by accumulated debris such as hair, dander, and dirt. To remove any of these debris clogs, use a plunger or strainer to clear the drain. To clean out the pipes, call us and have them cleaned. The pipes will have to be shut off and the drain exposed to air to remove all traces of the debris inside.

Another common cause of blocked drains is excess grease buildup in the pipes that can be caused by oils from hair products or body lotions being spilled onto the toilet paper during a shower. This causes the grease to harden and solidify in the pipes, slowing down water flow and causing blocked drains. This is also why you often see “gunk” in the trap of your sinks. Plumbing companies can usually clean these out for you or recommend a commercial cleaner for your sinks, tubs, and showers.

blocked drains

Cleaning and Fixing

Some people are more at risk for drains blocking than others are. Unattended, older homes are often more susceptible to this problem than newer houses because drainage can be a harder issue to resolve in older homes. Blocked drains can be especially frustrating if you have a pet and young children that can’t be supervised while you clean or otherwise deal with the problem.

Cleaning and fixing blocked drains don’t have to be a complicated or expensive project. Using a plunger and some elbow grease you can get rid of this common plumbing issue for good. If you are calling a plumber to come out and help you fix the drainage system, don’t leave things to chance. Hire a pro and you can be back in business in no time.

Some common causes of blocked drains include poor plumber skills (e.g., failing to read instructions), heavy rain, grease buildup, tree roots, root rot, and more. Heavy rain can cause a buildup of heavy rainwater that can clog up drainage systems over time. Tree roots and other types of greenery can build up a layer of moss along pipe drains, causing the blockage to become even worse. Hiring a plumber to clean up a blocked drain can prevent problems like these from occurring in your home.…

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emergency plumber

How Much Do Emergency Plumbers Cost Around Your Regular Business Hours

When a toilet suddenly won’t flush or a sink begins to leak, most people panic and immediately call an emergency plumber for help. Often, we don’t realize how much damage has been done until we are standing in front of a drain and it is blocked. As a homeowner, you probably ignore the warning signs because you don’t realize how serious the situation is. Calling an emergency plumber is one of the most common ways to resolve small plumbing problems around the home.

Since your bathroom or kitchen is working properly, you might not even notice the trouble. However, often the symptoms you’ve noticed are a sign of larger plumbing issues. Ignoring the symptoms leads to bigger water damage issues down the road. Those are just some of the instances that you would have to call an emergency plumber for help. Let’s take a look at a few of these common situations when you might need someone to come out to help.

Burst Pipe

You might find yourself in a tricky situation when a burst pipe occurs. You might be able to see the water coming from the floor but can’t see the source of the leak. In this instance, you might need the assistance of an emergency plumber to find the source of the leak. They can safely excavate the area with heavy equipment to find the exact location of the leak and then address the issue. The plumber can also make adjustments to the drainage system to prevent future problems.

Water Leaking

One of the more common reasons to call in an emergency plumber is when you notice water leaking from your toilets or plumbing. Whether you see water dripping from the sink or bathroom drain, you can always locate the source of the problem and make the necessary repairs. This type of plumbing emergency often costs less to repair than a broken sewer line. If your fixtures stop working for no apparent reason, it’s time to find reliable plumbing services in your neighbourhood and call in the professionals for a consultation.

emergency plumber

Many people aren’t aware that there are several different types of drainage systems and they can all be problematic with an overflowing toilet. A professional can inspect your drainage system and determine the root cause of your clog. From there, they can recommend a variety of options to fix the problem and get your plumbing issues fixed. If your home is older and your sewer lines have already been replaced, the plumber might suggest an inspection of your kitchen sink. These newer homes usually have their sewage tank and plumbing fixtures, so they may not need any additional attention at all.


There are also different tools when it comes to answering how long do emergency plumbers take to resolve plumbing emergencies. The simplest answer to the question of how long does emergency plumbing last is to contact a professional company. They will be able to give you an accurate answer based on the type of problem that you’re dealing with and what issues stem from that particular issue.

If you want a more detailed answer, it’s recommended that you contact a professional plumber directly. They’ll be able to tell you how long do emergency plumbers take to fix various issues that you’re facing. This includes your toilet, fixtures and faucets, as well as the issues that stem from those items. Sometimes the plumbing issue isn’t as simple as a plugged drain. In some cases, there might be a blockage or clog in your system. The plumbing emergency plumber can help you find the source of the problem and give you the tools to fix it yourself.

Emergency plumbing can become very expensive if you don’t call in a professional company to help you fix the problem quickly. Knowing how much do emergency plumbers cost around your regular business hours can help you make the right decision when it comes to scheduling a plumber to come out. You should always prioritize how much a plumber is going to cost over how much you’re going to have to pay for your repair after the fact.…

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