Burst pipes and water leaks can cause a substantial amount of water damage, which can lead to expensive repairs. Pipe bursts can happen without warning and the water can spread rapidly to the surrounding areas, sinking into building materials. The best way to avoid this problem is to maintain your plumbing system and carry out detailed inspections regularly. At Australia Wide Plumbing And Electrical, we provide expert repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation services for burst pipes and water leaks in Sydney.

Burst pipes and what you need to know about them

Pipes are made from resilient metals and are built to last but pressure from soil, environmental conditions, and the corrosion caused by water can weaken it and threaten its structure. Such damaged and cracked pipes are more likely to burst without warning.

Our technicians replace the burst and damaged pipe with a new and resilient one quickly and efficiently. We use the latest technology and the best tools to replace underground pipes without excavating the entire ground. This ensures our services for burst pipes and water leaks in Sydney is relatively affordable.

Replacing corroded pipes before they burst

Corrosion is inevitable and even the most resilient metal pipes will give in eventually. With regular inspections, it’s possible to spot sign of damage early and replace the pipes. We encourage our clients to get inspections done at least once a year, especially if their property is old. Such buildings often have untreated copper, iron, and steel pipes which are more vulnerable to corrosion.

Water leaks

It’s not easy to detect leaks in plumbing systems as most of the pipes are hidden behind ways and under ground. Our technicians use the latest leak detection tools and technologies to isolate the source of the leak.

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