Burst and leaking pipes can cause a lot of trouble and lead to problems like water damage, soggy lawns, and gardens, flooded basements, cracks in foundation walls, etc. That’s why it’s important to address the leaking or burst pipes problem immediately. At Australia Wide Plumbing And Electrical, we encourage clients to call our number as soon as they notice the signs. We’ll send our experts of burst and leaking pipe repairs in Sydney to the client location promptly.

Burst pipes

Burst pipes can happen unexpectedly and without warning. They can cause extensive flooding on the property and require a lot of repairs and clean-up. The causes of burst pipes include:

  • Weak and rusty pipes that can’t handle water pressure.
  • Excessive water pressure and force.
  • Massive and undetected clogs in the pipes.
  • Tree roots.

Our plumbers will examine the pipes, replace damaged sections, and ensure all areas of the pipes can handle some water pressure. They will also carry about regular maintenance to spot the signs and perform preliminary burst and leaking pipe repairs in Sydney.

Corroded pipes

Corrosion is a natural process and happens to all kinds of pipes, especially if they’re old and aren’t adequately protected against the elements. Soil and water can corrode the pipes and weaken their structural integrity over time; this results in leaks, bursts, and other such damage. We can protect the pipes from corrosion by applying the right treatments and using the right materials. If corrosion is ignored, the pipe will eventually burst and cause flooding.

These problems aren’t easily noticeable, which is why it’s important to have the pipes inspected regularly. Our water leak detection team will use safe and effective ways to detect leaks and vulnerabilities before they recommend repairs.

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