Hot water systems are not like electronic products that stop working suddenly. Before a total failure of the system occurs, you always get signals of the impending breakdown for a reasonably long period. It can be the tank that leaks or the hot water system itself that works erratically. If you notice the signs, you may not face a situation of being without hot water in the house one fine morning when you step into the shower.

Signs to Look Out For

To help you avoid a situation that would require the assistance of an emergency plumber in Sydney we at Australia Wide Plumbing And Electrical have created this list of common signs that could indicate your hot water system is about to fail:

1. The Water’s Colour

Always keep an eye on the colour of the water. When you find murky, brown or cloudy water coming out of the tap instead of clear water, you need to call the local plumber. He will carry out a thorough check to identify the fault and set the system right.

An experienced local plumber will inspect the hot water system and determine the source of the unclear water. He will identify whether the hot water system or something else in the plumbing system is the cause of the problem. Rusty pipes and sewer problems too result in discolouration in the water.  If the hot water system has developed a defect, he will do a maintenance check and fix the problem.

2. The Water Temperature

Your hot water system has a thermostat that gets switched on and off to keep the hot water flow at a particular temperature. Sometimes, it needs a change if it is not working effectively. If you need to change it often or water is not as hot as you want it to be, you need to change the system itself. 

A broken heating element in the tank is another reason why hot water may stop flowing from the tap. Most times, the replacement of the heating element resolves the problem but not always. In that case, the whole tank needs replacement to fix the problem.

3. Noise Coming From Your Hot Water System

Hot water tanks are not noisy, and you do not hear any sound from the system. For this reason alone, when you hear a rattling or banging sound from the system, the possible cause could be a broken heating element or dirt and debris accumulated inside the system. You need to call a plumber immediately.

Regular Maintenance of Water System is a Must

You can prevent the problems discussed above by scheduling a hot water maintenance check with a local licensed plumber. We have the knowledge & experience needed to handle all types of hot water repairs and maintenance jobs. Keep your hot water system operating properly, and schedule a maintenance check for it today!

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