Plumbing is one critical service that Sydney residents need on a regular basis. A plumber performs a variety of tasks, which include clearing drainage, streamlining water supply, unclogging blocked sewer, installing and repairing gas pipes among many others. All these services directly affect the lives of home and business owners.

 The sensitivity of plumbing services forced the Australian government to design rules and regulations that govern operations in this industry. The government has set minimum requirements that one should meet before being considered as a professional to protect homeowners from rogue plumbers. Here are steps that one should take to become a licensed plumber in Australia.

Physical fitness

 Plumbing is a physical-intensive job. There are times when you are required to climb to the highest peaks of the building to repair tanks or hot water pipes. Although there are tools that can help you reach certain heights, the state of your body plays a significant role in determining where you can access. The job requires you to be flexible and mobile. This is because there are cases where you will be required to work in tough and unpleasant conditions.

High school education

As much as plumbing is more of a technical job, some levels of literacy come in handy when executing some tasks. First, high school knowledge will equip you with good communication skills. As a plumber, you will be in a good position to communicate with the clients and other team members. High school knowledge also equips a plumber with arithmetic and problem-solving skills. Going through high school enables you to analyse a problem from a more comprehensive perspective and find long-lasting solutions. This makes high school certification a requirement before being given a plumbing license.

Certifications and Apprenticeship

You cannot call yourself a plumber unless you have an accreditation that recognises your specialisation in this field. To get these types of credentials, you must attend a reputable Vocational Education and Training Institution in Australia. Here, you will be taught both the basic and the detailed aspects of plumbing. Practical skills that plumbing job demands are also taught at this level. Under normal circumstances, it will take you two years to complete VET, and on completion, you will be given an Australian Qualification Framework certificate III (AQF III). In some cases, however, you could get AQF IV, although it depends on the number of years of practical training. For AQF III you should have at least two practical years of training.

If you already have a certification from another country, you will go through some assessment from the Australian authorities. Some of the authorities that are mandated to carry out this evaluation include the Trade Recognition Australia and Vetassess.

With the VET certification, you will be in a perfect position to handle any plumbing task in Sydney with ease. The training also instils high levels of confidence in you so that you can interact with your clients confidently and solve various issues without worrying about being discredited.

Liaison with the relevant authorities for the license

Now that you have all the necessary credentials, what next? You need to go ahead with the process of acquiring the plumbing license. There are various bodies that are mandated to issue plumbing licenses in Sydney. Keep in mind that no matter how qualified you are, you cannot provide your services if you don’t have a permit. If you don’t know where to start from, you can contact other licensed plumbers in Sydney and inquire about how to go about the process. One of the professional bodies that are in charge of issuing this license is the Master Plumbers Association of NSW.

 Before you are issued with this document, a plumbing license provider in Sydney can subject you through a series of tests to determine your competence level. Once you pass these tests or prove that you are qualified, the regulator will issue you with the license.

Some of the factors that a regulator checks before licensing you is your social behaviour. They can obtain your data from the police records, or ask you to submit them yourself. Note that the entire process of acquiring a license will cost you some money.


Before you can fully provide plumbing services as an independent entity, it would be wise to first work under the supervision of someone else. With time, you will acquire the necessary experience to help you become one of the best plumbers in Sydney.

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