Backflow systems and valves are installed to ensure the water entering your plumbing system doesn’t flow back into the public system and cause contamination. The valves only permit the water to move in one direction, so if the valves function property, the water will never flow back into the main government water supply lines. Property owners, especially strata and commercial property owners need to ensure their backflow systems are in proper working order. At Australia Wide Plumbing And Electrical, we provide excellent services for backflow testing and installation in Sydney.

Backflow testing

Property owners are required by law to test backflow systems every year in order to ensure they work well at all times. This testing should be done before every government inspection in order to avoid fines and reprimands. You’ll have to spend more money on fines if you fail the inspection than on professional backflow testing.

Our experts will examine the system carefully and check all of its components. They’ll make sure the water doesn’t flow back into the public system and the backflow valves are in good condition. This ensures your property will pass the government inspection and you won’t have to worry about sanctions.


Backflow preventers need to be installed in systems that are directly connected to the public line. These often include irrigation systems, main water lines, swimming pool, fire sprinklers, fountains, etc. Our experts will install a good-quality and durable backflow preventer on your property to ensure the water only flows in one direction and there’s no risk of contamination. We will provide a detailed quote of the expenses involved in backflow testing and installation in Sydney. That will allow you to plan your expenses and create a comfortable budget.

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