Air conditioning can now be called an indispensable subject of home appliances in any apartment. People buy it usually in the summer, or at the end of spring, because the weather starts to get warm.

The air conditioner is vital in the premises in which a large number of people work. When you think about which air conditioner is best for your apartment, the reputation is likely to interest you. First, you need to decide which parameters you need:

  • Quiet operation is important for appliances that will be installed in bedrooms;
  • Ability to work in an economical mode for electricity bills;
  • The ability not only to cool but also to heat the room;
  • The presence of additional functions.

Electricians are always called to install air-conditioners and they often see that people have made wrong choices in terms of air-conditioner types.

What types of air-conditioners are there?

Before you look at the brand, you need to determine the type of the air-conditioner. Separate them in terms of capacity and design features.

General household – these varieties are usually used in the rooms of apartments or offices. Their manufacturers pay attention to the design of devices, the possibility of silent operation and the availability of additional functions, in particular, air purification. They can last from 7 to 10 years.

By design features:

  • Mono-block – they consist of one block;
  • Split systems – they consist of two units, which are connected by cable and pipes. One unit is external, the other is internal. The outside is usually the noisiest. Such models are also equipped with a remote control
  • Multi-split systems consist of several indoor units and one outdoor unit.
  • Mobile – the easiest to install. They are expensive and very noisy during work;
  • Under-ceiling air-conditioners are installed in the ceilings and can cover a large area.

Split systems are now the most popular types of air conditioners.

Features, additional functions

Making a decision as to which air-conditioner to purchase, you should also consider additional functions and features.

  • Night mode – the ability to set a certain time, through which the air conditioner will shut down and go to silent operation. Thus, in the room in which you sleep, the optimum temperature is created;
  • Auto mode – when the air conditioner independently determines the required degree of cooling of air in the room, by measuring the temperature;
  • Self-diagnosis – the air conditioner independently determines the presence of a malfunction and declares it;
  • Different modes of air filtration.

Popular manufacturers

The manufacturer is also of great importance, because the more famous and known the brand, the better it should be:

  • Daikin is a Japanese manufacturer; it has been around for 40 years. This brand is leading the market of air conditioners for a long time because it pays much attention to the environmental friendliness and durability of its products;
  • Mitsubishi – Japanese manufacturer, produces usually expensive models, but can be found cheaper too;
  • Haier – a manufacturer from China, produces products at medium prices, among which are semi-industrial and household types of air conditioners. They are distinguished by wide opportunities for air purification;
  • Toshiba is a Japanese corporation. Air conditioners are the main direction of its activities. It was them who created the first split-system;
  • LG is a manufacturer from South Korea. Its products are characterized by an optimal ratio of price and quality, with low energy consumption and noise. They are known for their product designs.
  • Fujitsu, Samsung and Panasonic are also known brands.
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